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Kurakkan (Millet) Roti

Kurakkan or millet, is a staple ingredient for many dishes in Sri Lanka. This is a simple roti recipe, shared by a home cook from the hill country area. Millet is light and easy to digest, great for countering heaviness and fullness of kapha, which is ideal for Spring season diets. These rotis are great as a healthy snack or breakfast option. 

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Sri Lanka: June - July 2018 Travel Journal

I had a wonderful time exploring Sri Lanka, and connecting with the world of ayurveda and yoga over there. Here’s a little summary of my time there…

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Well-being consults, and yoga & meditation classes now in Sri Lanka

Hello from Colombo!

After two weeks of downtime in my island home I am back online and offering in person consults and yoga classes. Stay tuned for updates!

There are wellness workshops, yoga classes, a limited number of ayurvedic consults and marma point treatments coming up. These are all beneficial to addressing specific issues and ailments ranging from sleep management, digestion, skin conditions, to stress and anxiety reduction as well as overall well-being.

I'll be consulting online and available in Sri Lanka until the end of July 2018. For bookings please click here and select the online option. 

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Lifestyle: balancing busy lives and self-care

Most of us today wear many hats – the family hat, the friend hat, the work hat, the study hat, the wellness hat, the explorer hat, and it goes on…

In my experience of talking to others about their everydays, what I most often tend to hear is that trying to juggle these identities and responsibilities leads to feeling overwhelmed or stressed, at varying levels. We’re always trying to do more, see more, be more. 

While most agree that taking time out and being kinder to yourself is the first step to wellness, what else is there? How else can we reshape our approach to wearing those hats with peace of mind? 

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