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Dealing with back, neck, shoulder aches and pains

We've had quite a few chats about back, neck & shoulder aches and pains in the last few weeks. Aside from being due to a specific injury, this may be due to an accumulation of tension in the area over time, stemming from poor posture. This includes how we sit (mostly at our desks!), sleep and carry our frames in general.
During winter in particular, posture is impacted by us tightening up and contracting muscles to protect it from cold. The next time you are walking outside, pay attention to your shoulders and back. Many of us move the shoulders up towards the ears, ‘balling up’ and pulling inwards. This moves our upper body and neck area out of alignment leading to back and neck pains over time. 

A good practice (aside from rugging up and covering the head and neck area!) would be to mindfully correct posture by sitting up nice and tall, drawing the shoulders down and away from the ears, and stretching out the back from time to time. Another way to beat muscular pain and strain is to apply a warmed black sesame or mahanarayana oil and place a heated towel over the area. Repeat daily for up to a week.

If you are looking for more specific tension and pain management, try an Indian head, neck and shoulder massage. Here, herbal oils are massaged in to the scalp, neck, shoulders and upper back, marma pressure points are massaged and a warming heat bag is applied. Great for releasing muscular tension around the head, neck and back area. It is also deeply relaxing and nourishing for the scalp and hair as well!

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