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Ritu sandi before Autumn – tips and tricks

Ayurveda pays heed to the transitory time between seasons, ‘Ritu Sandi’, the point where two seasons meet. In essence it is a period of cleansing out any accumulations from one season before welcoming the other.


This period usually goes for about 2 weeks. The thinking here is that in the summer heat, the natural tendency is to build Pitta dosha in the body. That is the reason that in summer we naturally prefer a more cooling diet and environment. This helps balance Pitta dosha, but at the same time by increasing the coolness combined with the summer dryness gives rise to Vata dosha in the body. These accumulations cause problems like dry skin, constipation, arthritic pain, colds, and inability to focus – heightened in Autumn, a vata time of year.


So just before moving into the next season the aim is to clear accumulation of dosha. To do this use a mild detox, or seasonal cleanse along with a detoxifying diet, and then you can slowly follow the Vata-pacifying foods and lifestyle guidelines of Autumn.


As a guideline:


  • Eat lighter foods to facilitate cleansing - avoid red meat, aged cheeses and fried foods

  • Eat more easily digestible foods such as soup or a kitchari (recipe is here)

  • Drink more hot water throughout the day to aid cleansing

  • Take an ayurvedic digestive aid such as triphala at night for the week to ensure a complete cleansing every morning

If you are interested in trying out a cleanse, please contact us here to book in an appointment for a specific assessment of your constitution and a personalised cleansing plan.

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