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Yoga and Ayurveda for digestive health and detoxing before Winter

  • 8 Corsair Street Richmond, VIC, 3121 Australia (map)

Join us on ANZAC Day (25th April) as we share some delicious and healthy food and drink and settle in with a spicy chai to talk about building immunity not just for protection from illness but also improving how you look and feel. 

In this practical afternoon of yoga & ayurveda we will share the importance of and the benefits you will experience when your digestive fire (agni in Sanskrit) is operating at its optimum. At this session, we will cover: - The reasons we need to nurture our agni (digestive fire) - The role it plays in wellbeing, vitality, immunity & more - Realistic tips & techniques on how you can support your agni on a daily basis - How to build on wellness after agni strengthening by preparing for the traditional ‘Ritu Sandi’ (seasonal detox) coming up in mid May before we move into the Winter season

This workshop will offer a good foundation for maintaining your health throughout the year and leveraging other seasonal & health practices. Afternoon tea is included.

Bookings Required – call or email Niveen at Ananda Wellness (0421 674 093 | or Gita at Yoga in Daily Life Melbourne (03 9427 0977 |