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Ghee and Paneer Making Workshop

Ghee and Paneer.jpg

An easy, fun and informative session to learn the art of making two delicious and nutritious pantry staples… ghee and paneer! These two ingredients are used in most South Asian kitchens to bring taste and texture to dishes and enhance the flavours of spices.

Come along and join us to learn the quick and easy way to create these at home instead of reaching for off the shelf versions.

What will we cover

Ghee is clarified butter that is traditionally used in South Asian, Iranian and Arabic cuisines. It adds a depth of flavour to meals, has a high smoking point, is suitable for those with lactose intolerances, high in vitamins and minerals and is a highly respected ingredient in many homes around the world.

Paneer is a fresh and unsalted white cheese. It has a dense crumbly texture, can be paired with spicy or mild dishes, stirred into soups and salads (holding its form!) or grilled and eaten on its own with accompaniments.

At this session you can expect to:

-Explore the benefits of using ghee, paneer and complementary spices and herbs

-Observe and participate in the process of making ghee and paneer

-Experiment with different ways to use these ingredients

-Try some yummy dishes made with these ingredients