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Erratic changes in one season: How do I stay balanced?


Ah, Melbourne. We’ve all prepared for a hot and crisp summer but the days thus far have been erratic, to say the least. Hot and dry days followed by humidity and wetness, stormy days and jacket weather, and then sunshine again. How do we adjust to this? I’ve had clients come in with headaches, dry skin, flaky scalps, skin eruptions, feeling frazzled and then other feeling sluggish, heavy and lethargic. It’s challenging to know how to stay balanced when things are all over the place.

The trick is to take it day by day. E.g. avoid kapha aggravating foods on the wet and cold days – e.g. heavy, cold and overly sweet or oily (smoothies, avocado, ripe bananas, rich desserts)…. And avoid vata and pitta aggravating foods on the hot and dry days (popcorn, chilli, too much coffee)…

Then, to manage the erratic energy around you:

  • Take care of digestion, support digestive strength. Try a day or two of a cleanse if you feel heavy or thigns aren’t moving along. Contact us here if you’d like help with this

  • Stop multi-tasking. Vata is erratic and when the mind needs to jump from one task to the next and back again this can be disruptive to the smooth flow of mental energy that calms erratic vata. Try and focus on one thing at a time, or try a concentration practice (Dharana) prior to daily meditation

  • Stay moisturised with a daily abhyanga (self massage). Black sesame oil is very grounding to vata energy, but always use an oil suited to your skin type. This also helps to calm the mind, improves circulation, strengthens the body, and boosts immunity. Check out our pop up shop in Richmond or contact us if you’d like to purchase an oil that’s right for your type

  • Try a pranayama (breathing) practice to soothe disrupted energy. Prana vayu is a sub-dosha of vata, and any prana-yama practice helps to manage this dosha. A rhythmic and flowing breathing exercise like nadi shodana (alternate nostril breathing) is very beneficial in this instance


    For more tips, or if you have any specific questions, please get in touch. The clinic is open through most of the season and into the new year excepting key public holidays!