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Sri Lanka: June - July 2018 Travel Journal

I had a wonderful time exploring Sri Lanka, and connecting with the world of ayurveda and yoga as well as the local community. Here’s a little summary:


YOGA: I taught yoga and meditation classes at my mum’s yoga shala, a beautiful, breezy and calming space on a rooftop in the middle of Colombo... Click here to check it out, and if you are ever in Sri Lanka please contact me to attend a class over here.

SEVA IN SL 2018.png

SEVA (SERVICE): I also met and ran a set of workshops on Life Skills and Empowerment, over the course of 4 weeks with a group of charming and friendly young women. These youngsters live in some of the most crime hardened neighbourhoods in the country and benefit greatly from the Centre of Hope, a safe haven that they visit after school to receive their one proper meal of the day, as well as a place to study, get help with school work and attend extra curricular classes. Click here to check out some of the work I did at the centre, and if you are interested in helping out in the future please get in touch with me here.

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COOKING: Sri Lanka is an island full of spices and exotic ingredients, and paired with its rich history of cultural influences ranging from Indian, Arabian, African, Portugese, Dutch, to English there is a sophisticated cultural story to tell. I met some fantastic home cooks who taught their recipes with an open heart. I’ll be teaching some of these at our Ayurvedic Cooking Workshop coming up in September. Click here for more details and to book in.


TRAVEL: I ventured out to the lush green mountains and secret waterfalls at Ella and Bandarawela and then made my way along the Eastern Coast of Sri Lanka, explored the Wilds of Yala Reserve at a Safari Park (I saw a bear, leopard, elephants, all sorts of tropical birds and the most incredible landscapes), then headed down the coast to unwind at a private beach bungalow. Details are here (click through and scroll my Instagram) and if you are interested in organizing something similar please let me know! We’ll be heading over in 2019.


WORKSHOPS: I met a great new group of Sri Lankan Wellness Seekers in a workshop I conducted on Agni and digestive strength. We talked about using agni and building immunity not just for protection from illness but also improving how you look and feel. Here’s a link to what the workshop entailed, and if you are interested in attending something similar please let me know so we can organise a session in Melbourne. 


PRODUCT SOURCING: There little secret hidden Ayurvedic shops and dispensaries are hard to beat in sourcing the best and freshest ingredients. I met some ‘param-para’ healers i.e. those that come from a lineage of healers and are handed down remedies and fixes from across generations. I’ll be using a mix of these products and herbs in treatments in clinic, such as for Ayurvedic facials and Udvartanas (scrubs). If you are interested to try, please book in here.