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Coughs, colds, flus in early Winter

One of the core principles of ayurveda is that 'like increases like'. Winter is a time of year when the water and earth element are most dominant in nature and in line with this principle these elements within our constitutions are also dialled up. This is why we feel cold, heavy and blue in winter and the incidence of phlegm, mucus, coughs and colds increase. 

If you have been thinking of staying off harsh pharmaceuticals this year and trying a more natural approach here are some things to try, keeping in mind all the while that you are working with nature and your body's natural rhythms & defence mechanisms and therefore giving your body the space and time to draw upon its strength to heal itself. 

This mental shift is immensely powerful in healing. It relaxes and calms an agitated mind. Mindfulness is directly linked to physiological wellness and this is step one in a natural approach. 

Second, think about warming up, clearing out sticky mucus and getting plenty of rest. Good practices at this time are resting when you are tired (read: not pushing yourself too hard!), minimising strenuous exercise, taking time off. Top this off with daily steam inhalations (either morning or evening) to clear out the throat and nasal passage of mucus and plenty of hot water through the day. Sipping hot spiced ginger tea (fresh ginger) or a turmeric tea (fresh or powdered with black pepper and honey) is also a good idea. Try to minimise or avoid dairy, anything cold, heavy and sticky (desserts and smoothies) or anything overly sweet (increases kapha dosha, linked to heaviness)

To deal with fevers a good practice is to boil coriander seed in water (about 1 tablespoon to a cup) and drinking this as a panacea through the day. Add a teaspoon of honey to sweeten. 

The ayurvedic herbal mix, trikatu is something you can take as a tea or tablet as well as it clears out coughs, colds and mucus. 

If you are interesting in trying these approaches and want a bit more guidance please reach out to us via our bookings link or call or email us anytime


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