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Personal consultations and discount wellbeing packages.

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personalised consultations

Stress, lifestyle choices, and hereditary pre dispositions lead to doshic imbalances that affect digestion and the healthy functioning of the body and its organs. This leads to a number of ailments including constipation, IBS, gastric ulcers, haemorrhoids, heartburn, migraines, insomnia, lower/middle/upper back pain and neck pain and can cause depression, anxiety and stress.

These ailments can remedied by getting the digestive and evacuative processes of the body into balance through lifestyle changes, healthful eating, nutritional impact, yoga, meditation, massage and herbal therapies.

Come in and discuss your health concerns and goals, to have a full assessment of your individual circumstance with a personalised consultation and follow up treatment. 

A full Ayurvedic consultation involves a 75 minute assessment addressing health history, ailments, diet, current lifestyle and daily routines. We will also do a check of your eyes, tongue, skin and discuss vital functions such as bowel movements. A step-by-step program with a targeted end date and stage-by-stage objectives is then designed including a meal plan, yoga & meditation schedule as well as recommended herbal aides and massage therapies. A 30 minute follow up consultation is recommended to implement the plan into your daily life.

A 1:1 yoga and meditation class can also be organised where necessary.

Ongoing support with phone check-ins are offered at no cost for the duration of your plan. 



Ayurvedic assessment and step-by-step plan for overall wellbeing addressing lifestyle, nutrition and meal plans, daily routines, yoga & meditation.

follow up CONSULTATION (plan IMPLEMENTATION support)-45 MIN, $75; 

A follow up consultation to review and discuss your plan, discuss lifestyle change strategies, routines, meal plans, menus, herbal aides and suggested yoga, pranayama and meditation techniques. An individualised yoga and meditation class or treatment / massage can also be organised.

On going support with phone check-ins are offered at no cost for the duration of your plan.


discounted packages

1 consultation + 2 follow ups + 2 treatments - approx $395 (save up to $60)

This combination would be around $375 but buy a package and save up to $30. Free check ins in between treatment / plan period will be available. Contact us here to organise.