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Personalised and small group sessions to utilise yoga and meditation for your wellbeing.

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personalised yoga & Meditation

Used to together, the singular benefits of a yoga or meditation practice can be enhanced. This is because there is a specific energy to a yoga sequence or meditative practice and the posture and techniques used can influence the elemental balance.

For instance on a hot, dry summer day it is best to avoid energising inversions – these increase bloody supply to the head space and can increase inflammation and head aches if the body is heaty from the outside temperature;

Similarly, specific pranayama or breathing techniques can be combined with yoga sequencing to either energise and warm up or cool down the body. Energising and warming practices are good to improve metabolism, and digestion and beat lethargy; Specific twists and backbends or forwards can also be good to move any stagnant heat from the belly and kidney/pancreatic region.

Similarly still, a meditative practice aligned to your current state of balance can help create shifts in well-being. For instance a vata type set of scattered thoughts and feeling of being frazzled can be countered with a grounding breathing or focus practice; a lethargic and slow kapha state can be energised with a dynamic yoga nidra practice.

At Ananda Wellness, we can tailor a yoga or meditation class to your specific state of balance, and help bring about these shifts to wellness with a continuous targeted practice. 


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personalised 1:1 class, 60 min - $110

Book in a one off or regular private class to work on specific areas of your practice or have some guidance as you strengthen, tone and improve flexibility and suppleness of muscles and joints. We can also pair this with a pranayama (breathing) and meditation practice. 


group class, 60 min: 2 pax - $55 pp; 3+ pax - $50 pp

As above but in a small group of people interested in practicing together


mobile class (we come to you), 60 min*:

1-2 people - $150; 3+ people - $60 pp

*Price may vary by location - please call or email to discuss