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What is Ayurveda?

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what is ayurveda?

Ayurveda is one of the world’s most powerful mind-body health systems, originating in India. It views every individual as unique based on inherited traits, lifestyle and circumstances. Ayurveda focuses on bringing balance to the body and mind in alignment with nature through the removal of toxins and waste that collect in the body and block the flow of nourishment to the tissues and channels. This is achieved with bespoke solutions covering diet, herbs, massage, yoga, meditation and everyday habits that are affordable and can be done at home.

About ananda wellness  

We are a wellness centre offering:

  • Counselling services for mental health issues (particularly depression, anxiety), grief & loss, family/personal relationships, adjustment issues (cultural/lifestage/social/financial)

  • Ayurvedic consultations and wellness plans covering nutrition, meal planning, massage, yoga and meditation Traditional ayurvedic herbal oil massage and steaming as well as specialised treatments such as shirodhara (for insomnia, migraine, hair and scalp health, and relaxation)

  • Private yoga and meditation classes including sequencing aligned with ayurvedic principles for specific health concerns

  • Corporate and Community workshops and events on a range of topics such general & specific wellbeing, mindfulness, beauty routines, Ayurvedic and Sri Lankan cooking classes

  • Full and half-day retreats and wellness immersions

about the Consultant 

Niveen is a Mental Health Counsellor, Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant, Yoga & Meditation teacher and Wellness Coach. She is a Masters qualified mental health counsellor and is trained in both Indian and Sri Lankan approaches to Ayurveda while specialising in Classical Hatha yoga and meditation. Niveen has trained across South Australia, Queensland, and Victoria in Australia and completed Panchakarma training in Sri Lanka.

When she’s not at her clinic in Richmond, volunteering as a counsellor in Burwood East or teaching yoga classes, Niveen frequently runs workshops on:

— Mental health and mindfulness, stress management, motivation & management of creative output

— Everyday life and wellness coaching

— Yoga & Guided meditation and visualisation sessions

— Ayurvedic philosophy and practical applications (seasonal wellness, specific health topics e.g. digestion, skin and personal care)

— Ayurvedic cooking and ingredient preparation

As a speaker and facilitator, Niveen works across the Private Corporate as well as Not for Profit Sector, having run workshops and events for organisations such as The Foundation for Young Australians, Mecca Cosmetica, Laneway Learnings, JMC Academy, Express Media, ZONTA, Knight Frank, The Metropolitan Roads Alliance Program and events including The Bendigo Yoga Festival, The National Editors and Writers Conference and more.

how does it work?

Treatments can be undertaken with or without a prior assessment, but a brief discussion on health issues and goals is recommended. This is because the herbs and techniques used are matched to your current state of health.

A full Ayurvedic consultation involves a 75 minute assessment addressing health history, ailments, diet, current lifestyle and daily routines. A step-by-step program is then designed including a meal plan, yoga & meditation schedule as well as recommended herbal aides and massage therapies. A 30 minute follow up consultation is recommended to implement the plan into your daily life.

A 1:1 yoga and meditation class can also be organised where necessary.

Ongoing support with phone check-ins are offered at no cost for the duration of your plan. 



Niveen has a lovely accommodating manner, her meal plans were delicious and easy to accommodate in busy family life. Her massages are heavenly, firm and invigorating especially the peppermint oil used for the head massage.

I have lost my 5 kg target and feel more energetic and open for synchronicity in my life alongside suggestions of daily meditation, yoga and personal training.
— Sarah N
My Ayurveda consultations were easy to understand and simple to follow. I learnt how to nourish myself better without fussy and complicated methods. Niveen made a plan specifically for me that was sensible and practical. I highly recommend Niveen to anyone who needs guidance in everyday healthcare. The massages were heavenly too!
Thanks again I’ll be back for more!
— Tia P
Niveen has been an inspiration and a pleasure to work with. She brings a world of information in an easy to understand manner. Her gentle, caring down to earth nature makes her approachable and I appreciated her follow through after consultations. Niveen took extensive notes on my history, asked many questions and came up with a very nice dietary, yogic and lifestyle plan. The eating plan is tasty and varied as well as quick and easy to prepare. It is obvious she has listened to my needs and concerns and suggested easy to follow routines and yoga practices to suit my particular Dosha. As a result I feel much more harmonious and balanced. Friends have commented on how well I look. Thank you Niveen :)
— Jen Q
Niveen has a great nack of conveying complicated information in a clear and simple way that makes it easy to follow. She is so passionate about what she presents that this is infectious and you cannot help wanting to connect with her and arrange a session as soon as possible!!
— Susan HG