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Vitamin sunshine

Embracing a rare bit of sunshine on a winter's day is a simple way to remain present, connect with and pay respects to nature, and get yourself a healthy dose of vitamin D! This is known as the Sunshine Vitamin, helping to maintain bone health, protect against heart disease, diabetes, and reduce pain, depression and bring about better sleep. 🌞

Best time to catch some is before noon; the sun's UV is highest around midday. If you are questioning the use of sunscreen (many have oxybenzone and octinoxate which are hormone disrupters) then go out for a max of 30 minutes, and earlier in the day and may be try some #neem oil instead.

Neem is a magical herb and comes with a range of healing properties, including being an Ayurvedic blood purifier and detoxifier when taken internally and externally heals inflammatory skin conditions. Apply a thin layer of neem oil on exposed skin before going outdoors. This alkalises the skin and keeps it moist and cool so it doesn't react to heat as easily. #ayurveda #wellness#living #health #beauty #mindandbody#neem #sunshine