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The Ananda Wellness Story

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Around two years ago I had a full time corporate job, taught yoga on some weeknights and worked at a busy Ayurvedic clinic on the weekends and felt unfulfilled. I am a naturally energetic person and had very full days but I felt like I was not doing enough despite feeling exhausted at the end of the day. This unrest led me to look inwards, and I had a sense that my ‘dharma’ - my purpose - was starting to beckon me to change things up and pursue something bigger than myself and my ‘Five Year Plan’.
“Could this is be it….is this my time?” I wondered. All human beings have a dharma, a unique reason for being in this crazy beautiful world, and we each stumble upon this dharma when it is precisely the right time for us with signs and feelings and upheavals pointing the way.
Looking inward led me to re-consider what made me happy, fulfilled and energised. It led me to seek out what inspired me, fascinated me. What was I doing in my day that I didn’t want to stop for other things?
The ayurveda and yoga I was involved in on week nights and weekends were the parts of my day that left me feeling fuller, like I was giving back and being in my element. It meant longer days, but fuller days. I was not exhausted from it. The ear I lent to someone left them feeling heard; The hand I moved with healing intention gave relief; the classes I taught helped relax some, strengthen others. The benefits were not for me alone. They came, because others benefitted.
On the cusp of change but lacking the courage to take the first step, I noticed that the people in my life – family, friends, teachers, neighbours – had come forward offering support, encouragement, kind words, ideas. Slowly, slowly this wellness practice took shape and now one year later here we are.
Ananda Wellness is a representation of myself and my community. It is a way for me to fuse my Sri Lankan heritage and knowledge of traditions, spirituality, people, food, spices, and healing with the Australian culture, values and lifestyles that are a part of me. Often you will see my friends, family or clients that are now community help out at an event or workshop or help out with something at the clinic. It is this network and support that spreads wellness and happiness, and I invite you to become a part of our community, where anything is possible with good intentions and helping hands.
Hari Om!