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Holistic wellness is about mind-body-community wellness. Explore our thought pieces on a number of important lifestyle topics that we hope may spark some inspiration on your journey.

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Connecting with Earth’s Healing Vibration

A few weeks ago, I was sitting in my meditation space and watching the rays of the early morning sun bringing things to life in the room around me. The light flooding through the windows had ribbons of colour as they hit the ground, and there was vitality, freshness and ‘prana’ in the air I breathed in. There is something special about dawn, and I began to contemplate the interconnectedness between living things and the earth’s energy. 

Later on, in my desk research I read about a phenomenon known as Schumann’s Resonance, which is like the Earth’s heartbeat - a pattern of electro-magnetic waves that sit between the Earth surface and ionosphere (this is a layer of Earth’s upper atmosphere that is ionised by the sun and cosmos).

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Sri Lanka: June - July 2018 Travel Journal

I had a wonderful time exploring Sri Lanka, and connecting with the world of ayurveda and yoga over there. Here’s a little summary of my time there…

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Ayurvedic Seasonal Wellness Routine: Preparing for Winter

Melbourne experienced an erratic autumn with very hot days and smatterings of cold, wet and windy days. This weather may have led to aggravations of Pitta and Vata in your body and we may have experienced everything from migraines, dizziness, inflammation and fatigue on the hot days and dry skin, dry lips and eyes, cracking joints, flare-ups of eczema, dry coughs and bloating and constipation in the peak of Autumn, leading to more colds, phlegm, runny noses, headaches, fatigues, lethargy and weight gain as we get closer to winter.
Why does this happen? How do can you prevent it in the upcoming Winter Season and stay balanced and healthy all year round?

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The Ananda Wellness Story

Around two years ago I had a full time corporate job, taught yoga on some weeknights and worked at a busy Ayurvedic clinic on the weekends and felt unfulfilled. I am a naturally energetic person and had very full days but I felt like I was not doing enough despite feeling exhausted at the end of the day. This unrest led me to look inwards, and I had a sense that my ‘dharma’ - my purpose - was starting to beckon me to change things up and pursue something bigger than myself and my ‘Five Year Plan’.

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