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My reflections on Guru Purnima: Giving thanks to teachers

July 9th 2017 is a full moon day and more significantly marks the day of Guru Purnima. This may be a new concept to many, but has been celebrated over the ages in various spiritual schools of thought including Yogic and Buddhist traditions.

The festival is dedicated to gurus, both spiritual and academic on the full moon day in June-July, which marks the first peak of the lunar cycle after the peak of the solar cycle. The Sanskrit word Guru is combination of two words, gu and ru. 'Gu' means darkness or ignorance, and 'Ru' is the remover of darkness. A Guru is seen as one who 'sheds the light' or removes the ignorance. In most spiritual traditions, gurus are seen as essential, guiding us closer to understanding ourselves and our truths. 

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