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Experience deep healing and radiance with Ayurvedic Facials

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The ancient healing science of Ayurveda prescribes that the level of ‘roopam’ (radiance) one exhibits is a result of the health of the body and the mind. The health of our skin is specifically reflected and nourished by blood tissue (rakta dhatu) which in turn is nourished by plasma (rasa dhatu). Therefore, glowing & healthy skin is the result of good quality plasma and blood tissue supported by robust digestion, effective elimination of waste, and healthy tissue formation along with emotional stability and contentment in the heart, mind and senses.

To support this process further, we must also consider how we are cleansing and nourishing our skin – this is our largest organ and everything we apply to its surface is absorbed and enters our system and bloodstream. No one skin type is the same and is differentiated by our individual constitutions, age, lifestyle, diet and more. The ayurvedic approach to skincare is simple and aligns with nature, her seasons and herbal formulations that are kind to the body and organs. 

 Ayurvedic facials have become a popular choice at our clinic in recent months. Here, we cleanse, tone, scrub (depending on individual) and nourish the face with traditional Ayurvedic formulations blended to your dosha type.

Please use the link below to book in, if you are interested in trying out an ayurvedic facial or contact us here to discuss further.