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Tea for rumbling stomachs and bloating

We’ve had a few more reports of rumbling, gurgling and churning sensations in the stomach, as well as more pronounced bloating in the last few weeks. Try this tea recipe to alleviate this condition, and also consider improving agni (digestive fire) with a modified diet and a few yogic/breathing techniques.

In general also, try to cut out any cold water consumption, avoid drinking water with meals and cut out any cold, heavy, dense, fried food.

Pre-prepare this tea (recipe below) and have it 30 minutes before or after meals.

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Quick and Tasty Sri Lankan Dhal Curry

When I feel like a healthy savoury breakfast this Sri Lankan lentil dish is always perfect, and hits the spot served with spinach and wholemeal pita. It’s not uncommon to have lentils for breakfast in South Asia and my version took about 10-15 minutes to prep and cook.

Recipe is below.

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Recipe: Delicious Kitchari for cleansing

Kitchari is a one pot lentil, rice and spice dish that is a panacea to the body. It is a tasty, nourishing  and easy to digest meal when fasting to give the stomach, liver and rest of the body a rest to replenish itself. It is used very often during an ayurvedic cleanse between seasons. Try our kitchari recipe along with a day of sipping on hot ginger and honey tea, taking it easy and rest. Let us know what you think!

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